7 Artists & 7 technologists

April 17, 2010, New York, NY: Seven on Seven

Seven on Seven will pair seven leading artists with seven game-changing technologists in teams of two, and challenge them to develop something new --be it an application, social media, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine-- over the course of a single day. The seven teams will unveil their ideas at a one-day event at the New Museum on April 17th.

Artist Protects Copyright Through Twitter

This article explains how one artist found out how much people cared about her when she reported a copyright infringement on twitter. The news spread fast:

THE GUARDIAN, Thursday 11 February 2010 19.17 GMT
Artist sparks Twitter campaign over disputed design

The artist, known as Hidden Eloise, accused Paperchase of copying one of her designs on their products, and when the company ignored her claims, She urged her followers on Twitter, and fellow artists, to bombard the company with emails.

"If you are any bit angry or frustrated with huge ancient vampires sucking the creative juice of indie artists, a simple email sent to them here might save me from having to raise $40,000 for court expenses!" she said.

Thousands of Twitter users picked up on the story and within hours it was one of the top trending topics both in the UK and globally.
Article continued...

Fabric Designer Wisdom: Why Artists Need Blogs

GCDesigner Blog invited Jacki VonTobel, fabric designer, to be a special guest writer for "Social Media Month" on her experiences of how she uses her blog in her business. She offer tips for artists.

Guest Writer Jackie VonTobel

I've been blogging consistently for over three years now and it has been an invaluable tool for so many reasons.

1. Blogging exposes you to many diverse viewpoints on the work of other artists as well as your own.

2. It provides an ever growing network of professionals and customers who provided valuable feed back and virally promote your work through their own new media channels. It is a platform to display and explain your art in a way that creates a deeper connection to the viewer or potential business partner than just a pile of static images.

3. It connects you to others in your industry who are like minded and share your passionate about what they do. It's infectious! It also, builds a more intimate personal relationship with potential and current customers because they have the feeling that they know you. You become more than just a name to them you become a true and trusted friend.

4. Blogging provides you with a cost free vehicle to constantly promote your talents and products.

5. It gives you many eyes and ears within the industry in other locations and markets that keep you informed about what is going on.

6. For those of us who work alone in our studios or home offices it provides a very necessary sense of community and a feeling of belonging to something larger than ourselves. Working on your own can be lonely and isolating and blogging links you to so many others who are doing exactly what you are that you immediately feel this sense of kinship.

Blogging as well as other new media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook have expanded my world exponentially and continue to add value and depth to me as a person and to my work. This feature is a perfect example of that connection, born from a response to Kate's post on Linked in! I believe that if you are serious about your work and making a living at it you have no choice but to enthusiastically embrace these wonderful new tools.

About Jackie VonTobel
I am an interior designer, bestselling author, artist, blogger and educator.

As one of the worlds leading authorities on soft treatment design and construction I travel extensively providing continuing education at interior design industry events, design centers, and professional associations.

I have recently launched an eco-friendly fabric line,
The Jackie Von Tobel Collection and my thousands of soft treatment designs from my books are the first to ever be licensed for graphic design software for the interior design industry.

I've been blogging at
Jackie Blue Home for over three years and still love it!

Website: www.jackievontobel.com
Blog: http://jackiebluehome.blogspot.com
Email: jackie_vontobel@msn.com

Selling My Art Through Social Media

GCDesigner Blog invited Laura Barbosa, fine artist, to be a special guest writer for "Social Media Month" on her experiences of selling her own art using social media, and offer tips she has for artist who want to get started.

Selling My Art Through Social Media
by Laura Barbosa

"Being connected to social media is one of the keys to my art success. I believe it is essential for any artist to use it, especially in today's art world. "
If you are an artist who is starting out for the first time, you must establish connections with art collectors, museums, galleries, agents, etc.

Although it took me many years to achieve international recognition, I believe portals to art worlds involving facebook, friendfeed, twitter, linkedin, and flickr helped to introduce my artwork to thousands of viewers over time. This is especially true for self taught artists, like myself, who have little money for advertising. Your most important tool is social media.

Among my success stories are two of my favorite places to acquire new clients and viewers: Facebook & Twitter.

It's very important to start a facebook fan page and upload your photos so clients, agencies and more can view your work right away and at their convenience.

Currently my facebook fan page has 1,344 fans and counting. Each day I acquire from 2 to 10 more.

My Facebook fan page has generated:
44 sales of original paintings,
4 Interviews & and an agent.

My faithful admirers also lend support and comments, and I also use my fan page to list special coupons, events, art news and more.


My second favorite social media tool is twitter. I tweet my art news and new work every day and up to 5 to 10 times throughout the day so my followers can see what I am up to.

If you are posting to twitter be sure to add a link to your art gallery, etsy shop or personal website so your twitter followers can view your work in one simple step.

I generated twelve sales & two craft show spotlights through twitter.

Remember to connect your twitter to your face book pages so you can post to one and have it post automatically to the other. Very helpful if you are juggling social media and daily painting.


1. Make a List
Create a list or spreadsheet of all your social media links and pages, so you can refer to it as time goes on. Believe me, I failed to do this step and I am sorry now. I am still compiling my list and have realized that I am a member of over 300 websites from free art listings to social networks.

2. Bulletin Board
Buy or make a bulletin board to put next to your PC so you can write down who you are targeting daily. For example: Monday - Post to twitter 4 times, upload new work to face book, post a blog to your ning network, order art supplies Tuesday - Write a blog post, contact 2 licensing agencies, Post to twitter 3 times, list coupon code on fan page, etc.

3. Education
Educate yourself on new media resources. Buy good books about the art market: such as "How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul" by Carol Michels and "Artists & Graphic Designer's Market" which has over 1000 listings for art galleries, greeting card companies, print publishers, and more.

I see the art industry changing for the better and for sales to pick up in 2010. I believe that the public is starting to realize how important creativity and original art is, and why we should educate our children to include the arts in their lives. What is the world without music or beautiful artwork to view? What would become of us without the arts? We need the arts to talk to our souls, enrich our lives and move forward.

Remember: It is very hard to climb to the top of any mountain but in the end it is worth the struggle if it is what you truly want!

- Never give upon your art, no matter what anyone tells you. -

Keep pushing forward and making new contacts. With each day there is new hope. Faith in yourself that you will succeed is crucial to your success.

Learn More About Laura Barbosa

Become a Fan on Facebook

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Laura's Website

Laura's Blog

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Technology, Art Licensing and the Stationery Industry

Think social media is just a waste of time? Don't have time to learn about it or use it? For anyone who thinks it is a fad, watch this 4-minute video at the end of this article.

Technology is changing the stationery industry and art licensing business. For artists & writers, this means we can get world wide exposure practically for free but it also requires we welcome learning new skills. Here are a list of interviews with designers, greeting card manufacturers, trend forecasters, and card sales reps who use new tech skills in their businesses.

High Tech Artists

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Stationery & Publishing Industry

See Article: Mike Rhoda, Leanin' Tree, talks about linkedin & the digital shift
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Artists who use social media & blogs to sell their art

See Article: Deb Trotter talks about how blogging led her to art licensing
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Online Card and Gift Industry Groups

Linkedin Greeting Card, Stationery & Gift Industry Gurus
Networking links of sales, marketing, product development and sourcing people from these related industries and to help entrepreneurs gain access to industry knowledge and 'how to's."

Linkedin Greeting Card Professionals
The worldwide default network for publishers, distributors, designers, buyers, developers, (online) retailers and anyone else relevant in the business. Feel free to join and don't forget to invite your colleagues and business relations.

Yahoo Greeting Card Professionals
The Independent Greeting Card Professionals Association is composed of working professionals--and beginning professionals--who create and sell greeting cards retail or wholesale, at craft fairs or trade shows, or via the Internet. Members produce work in a variety of greeting card genres.

Linkedin Art of Licensing
A LinkedIn networking group dedicated to Artists, Illustrators, Designers, Product Manufacturers, and Licensing Agents in the ART LICENSING industry.

Yahoo Group Art of Licensing
A SPECIAL FORUM dedicated to Artists, Illustrators, Designers, Product Manufacturers, and Licensing Agents in the ART LICENSING industry.

Facebook Stationery Trends
Facebook group for the magazine focused on the products, designers and inspiration that make up the stationery, greeting card and gift industry.

Stationery Show on Twitter
Leading trade show for the social stationery industry.

Surtex on Twitter
Selling and licensing art and design for every product, every industry.

Greeting Card Designer on Twitter
Tips and resources for Card Designer and Writers .

Did You know:

-95% of companies who use social media use LinkedIn to find employees?
-1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met via social media?
-If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest?
-Kindle books outsold paperbacks on Christmas?

Greeting Card Business ebooks.

You can support this blog by ordering Kate's eBooks starting at only .99 cents! 
They can be read on your kindle, ipad, ipod, cellphone, or your computer.  

Unusual Ways to Market Your Greeting Cards and 22 Places to Get Your Designs Featured A booklet on how to get your cards noticed in non-traditional ways. Everything from why you should send cards to your dentist, to how to get special features in national publications. Great tips for designers who are starting out and want to get their cards into the hands of people beyond friends and family. Special Section: Submissions guidelines and contacts for 22 Gift Industry publications and professional gift industry blogs that seek out new greeting card designs to feature for free.

7 Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make Booklet on common mistakes greeting card writers make and what to avoid when submitting greeting card verse to publishers. Today, greeting card publishers are shying away from traditional stereotypes, and may even include pets as family members. This article talks about how to create a trendy card that reflects the contemporary world we live in, and how to use our own personal experiences to create great card verse. Topics include: how to avoid limiting the market of who could buy your card, when to use adjectives, how not to creating card for enemies, how to write like people talk and a list of why card sentiment submissions are often rejected. The good news is you can increase your odds of success by 60% by doing a few simple things. 

20 Steps to Art Licensing: How to Sell Your Designs to Card and Gift Companies A booklet on how to license your art to companies that publish greeting cards, and manufacture coffee mugs, magnets, wall hangings, kitchen items, and dozens of other gift items. This booklet covers 20 basic steps from how to prepare your art, to what companies to contact. It includes topics on: How to find agents, classes and what trade shows to attend. There are extensive resources on social media, licensing community groups, copyrights, and lists of interviews with professional designers.

Get Your Greeting Cards Into Stores: How to Find and Work With Sales Reps If you already make your own greeting cards, this book explains how to get your cards into stores and sell them sell nationwide. Included are guidelines on: how to price your cards for a profit, how to get professional feedback, where to find a sales representative and and what industry standards you should follow. All the information is also applicable to gift items, such as magnets, journals, calendars, collectibles, etc. Chapter topics: Getting Professional Feedback, Getting Your First Account, Pricing and Profits, Sales Reps 101, Where to Find Reps, Rep Readiness Checklist, Pitching Your Line to a Rep and Working With Reps. 

Greeting Card Class
You can also sign up for the class called Getting into the Greeting Card Business.  The content is based on my experience of working in the industry for over 20 years, and from publishing over 1,000 cards.
Register here. 
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