Fabric Designer Wisdom: Why Artists Need Blogs

GCDesigner Blog invited Jacki VonTobel, fabric designer, to be a special guest writer for "Social Media Month" on her experiences of how she uses her blog in her business. She offer tips for artists.

Guest Writer Jackie VonTobel

I've been blogging consistently for over three years now and it has been an invaluable tool for so many reasons.

1. Blogging exposes you to many diverse viewpoints on the work of other artists as well as your own.

2. It provides an ever growing network of professionals and customers who provided valuable feed back and virally promote your work through their own new media channels. It is a platform to display and explain your art in a way that creates a deeper connection to the viewer or potential business partner than just a pile of static images.

3. It connects you to others in your industry who are like minded and share your passionate about what they do. It's infectious! It also, builds a more intimate personal relationship with potential and current customers because they have the feeling that they know you. You become more than just a name to them you become a true and trusted friend.

4. Blogging provides you with a cost free vehicle to constantly promote your talents and products.

5. It gives you many eyes and ears within the industry in other locations and markets that keep you informed about what is going on.

6. For those of us who work alone in our studios or home offices it provides a very necessary sense of community and a feeling of belonging to something larger than ourselves. Working on your own can be lonely and isolating and blogging links you to so many others who are doing exactly what you are that you immediately feel this sense of kinship.

Blogging as well as other new media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook have expanded my world exponentially and continue to add value and depth to me as a person and to my work. This feature is a perfect example of that connection, born from a response to Kate's post on Linked in! I believe that if you are serious about your work and making a living at it you have no choice but to enthusiastically embrace these wonderful new tools.

About Jackie VonTobel
I am an interior designer, bestselling author, artist, blogger and educator.

As one of the worlds leading authorities on soft treatment design and construction I travel extensively providing continuing education at interior design industry events, design centers, and professional associations.

I have recently launched an eco-friendly fabric line,
The Jackie Von Tobel Collection and my thousands of soft treatment designs from my books are the first to ever be licensed for graphic design software for the interior design industry.

I've been blogging at
Jackie Blue Home for over three years and still love it!

Website: www.jackievontobel.com
Blog: http://jackiebluehome.blogspot.com
Email: jackie_vontobel@msn.com


Unknown said...

Great series idea and I agree with Jackie's points above :) Love those wallpapers, too!

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Kate Harper said...

She has beautiful work. I can't believe I never heard about her before. I've been in an art cave too long.

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