Greeting Card Sales Reps 101

Here are several articles I've written all on the topic of how to get a sales rep for your greeting card line. Enjoy! 

• 8 Advantages of Working With Greeting Card Sales Reps

• Why Stores Like to Work With Greeting Card Reps

• How to Present Your Card Line

• Test Marketing Your Card Line

• Getting Your First Greeting Card Account

• Getting Professional Feedback on Your Card Line

• Pricing Your Cards

• Pricing and Profits: The Tale of 2 Greeting Card Businesses

• What do Reps do?

• Pros and Cons of working with Rep Groups

• Sales Rep Territories

• Greeting Card Sales Rep Contracts

• Are you interfering with your Sales Rep's job?

• Questions to Ask Potential Reps

• How to Work With a Greeting Card Sales Rep

• How to Get a Card Rep's Attention

• How to Pitch Your Line to a Rep

• 11 Reasons Why You Should NOT Send Card Reps to Your Website

• Are You Ready for a Greeting Card Sales Rep?

• How To Find a Greeting Card Sales Rep.


This Article is an excerpt from the book: Get Your Greeting Cards into Stores: How to find and work with Greeting Card Sales Reps

If you already make your own greeting cards, this book explains how to get your cards into stores and sell them sell nationwide. Included are guidelines on: how to price your cards for a profit, how to get professional feedback, where to find a sales representative and and what industry standards you should follow. All the information is also applicable to gift items, such as magnets, journals, calendars, collectibles, etc.



Cre8tiveQueen said...

Thanks for these articles! I need to buy your book! This is great! I am just kind of starting with my cards... I only have 6 cards. I should come up with 2 dozen before I show a rep? It feels like so much! How about a dozen? Then I'm half way there! =0)

Kate Harper said...

I would aim for at least 24, ideally 50. If you just want feedback (and not for a rep to carry your line) showing a dozen is OK.

Baby Thank You Cards said...

Thanks for sharing! I will tell my partner about your book.

Anonymous said...

Are your books available in another way? i.e. download ebook?

I do not have a kindle....

Kate Harper said...

Hi-You don't need a Kindle -- there are several ways to read them:

onlineprintdesign said...

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