How to Write Greeting Card Sentiments

Here are some important resources on this blog on how to get started in writing card text, including interviews and how-to's.



Meet the Master of Greeting Card Writing

Audio Interview: Getting into the Greeting Card Writing Market

How Poets Can Write Greeting Card Verse

Interview with Hallmark Card Writer

Artist & Writer Submission Guidelines for Card Companies

Breaking into the Greeting Card Writing Market

How to Write Greeting Card Verse (VIDEO)

7 Mistakes Card Writers Make


~ Books on Writing Card Sentiments ~

Writing Card Sentiment

7 Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make
A list of 7 things to avoid
when submitting greeting card verse to publishers.

Freelance Writing for Greeting Cards

Another good book on how to write for cards professionally.

You Can Write Your Own Greeting Cards

Clear guidelines on how to write card sentiments professionally.

Finding the Right Words

One of many basic books of this series that tells you how to add words products, cards, etc.


Dan.Eliot said...

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printing samples said...

Great collection! Love the show. Thanks for the tips. Your cards are perfect for my printing samples collection.

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