Blog Article Brings 2 More Art Assignments!

Earlier this month I asked Artist Katie Atkinson to write about how she uses email to sell art. Recently she wrote me to tell me that after the article was published, and she shared it with publishers, she received 2 more art assignments. I asked her to tell her story of what happened. This is another perfect example of how blogs help sell art, and how an artist should seize the moment!


Since I was fortunate enough to have my article published here earlier this month, I wanted to let you know of the results that came from emailing this blog site and article to my clients and contacts, “How I Use Email to Sell Art and Get Leads."

When deciding who I should send the article to, my top priorities were the clients whose products I featured in the article. After sending it to each of them I followed up the next day with a quick sketch idea tailored to each client as well. I also let them know that the article had brought 68 new people to my site that day and hopefully their web traffic would be up as well. The results of these two brief emails promoting their companies and products along with my own business was that I got two new assignments!

Remember this important last step in the promotion process.

It gives you a meaningful reason to reconnect with clients, and they will really appreciate the free publicity and that you are thinking about them.

When you have a combination of a variety of different contacts with companies you want to work for you will stand out and they will think of you more easily.

You may find that it isn't any one thing that is the deciding cause. It is a combination of many factors working together over a long period of time that all suddenly reach a tipping point: send samples in the mail, have an online presence of your work, and email press releases and blogs.

(photo: Good Cause Greetings)

Katie has done many illustrations on the theme of Christmas, world peace and the holidays. She has illustrated over 50 greeting cards, (many for Good Cause Greetings) and her work has been widely published in many different countries through She likes to paint uplifting, inspirational images that will have broad appeal. Her work has also appeared on Land’s End gift cards, book and magazine covers, CD covers and as Christmas Seals for the American Lung Association. Katie also enjoys teaching and has given many workshops on “Creating and Licensing Greeting Cards”, and “Marketing your Art” at the Norman Rockwell Museum and many colleges. Her art can be seen at and at

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Angelshair said...

Hi Kate,

Your blog has been so helpful for me!! I posted a link from my blog to your blog. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing!

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