How I Sell my Designs Online: Jude Maceren

GCDesigner Blog invited painter Jude Maceren, to be a guest writer for "Social Media Month" to talk about his experience of selling his art online. Jude is amazing in that not only does he sells his art through multiple online sites, but he also sold over 200 paintings on Ebay auctions!

Guest Writer, Jude Maceren

I've acquired many design contracts online, and I would like to tell you a story of how I got my latest contract, and how important it is to have an online presence.

When I started learning about the business of art, I got a website, showed my work through other websites, and created a blog. Then I promoted these websites and blog on all these social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. I posted daily or weekly. From this experience I became strongly visible online, especially through search engines, which landed me a licensing contract to the owner of Farfalla Winery, a wine company based in Oklahoma.

Farfalla Winery was in the early stages of their winery business, and they were looking for an image to represent their brand. Since "Farfalla" is an Italian word which means "butterfly," they started searching butterfly images through Google, to find an image to symbolize their brand image. My butterfly painting appeared at the top search which caught their attention.

To my surprise, I received an email from them and got a contract to paint a butterfly. After that, they created wine labels, stationery, a logo, brochures, business cards, etc. My butterfly became their brand.


You can get opportunities online. To do so:

1. Create the best artwork you can,
2. Learn the latest trends that sell
3. Share your creative experiences by posting on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.,
4. Link to websites and blogs that carry your art.

That's how I got my wine label design contract, by doing these things.

Facebook is the most useful, because you can show your life and business of being an artist. Take advantage of the Facebook Fan Page (versus profile page). Make an effort to increase your friend's list, to reach a 1,000. The more contacts you have in your list, the better your chances are of getting noticed by people who like your art. In my case I paint flowers, butterflies, and landscapes, so I invited friends and fans that love this type of art.

You should also make sure to take advantage of the power of Twitter by posting social updates and occasionally promoting your art. On top of that, you also have to regularly post new work to blogs. We not only have to create art, but we also have to learn business.

I believe that the combination of these online promotional resources will greatly help artists connect to the right licensing contract. A consistent posting through these social networking sites, and attracting the right market, will get the attention of the art buyer who are searching for your.

Art has been my passion since I was a child. I do illustrations for editorial, corporate, publishing and advertising accounts using traditional and digital renderings. As I mature in my artistic career I've discovered I also want to use acrylics, oils and watercolor mediums. I exhibit and sell them online and offline through art galleries and art festivals.

My butterfly painting was posted on "Moshe Mikanovsky Art Blog" in the article "3 Examples Of Art Licensing Online Scouting." I also have over 300 illustrations licensed in, several product lines, manufactured and sold through zazzle, and I also sell my prints on Etsy. Most of my orginals are sold through Boundless Gallery. I've even sold 200 painting in an auction on Ebay! Here are some of my client's comments.

Where Find Jude Maceren Art:

Paintings at Boundless Gallery
Fine Art Floral, Landscape & Animal Paintings
Art Products on Zazzle
Prints on Etsy
Be Jude's fan on Facebook
Follow Jude on Twitter

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Katie Atkinson said...

Wow Jude I just loved seeing your work on this blog!!! I especially love your new work and direction (what growth & stunning colors) geared more to licensing. I have been watching your work for 15 years and have been right in there with you since the beginning in all the stockillustration source catalogues! Thanks for so many great tips! The funny thing is I pictured you to be a mexican or brazillian woman!

Jude said...

Hi Katie! It is great to know that someone is following me all thru my art career! I love doing illustration especially licensing them thru the website I have great experience thru them and now I discovered also my love in fine art that brought another style for my work. That is so funny! A lot of people have mistakenly thought that my name is a "she" but now the truth reveals. I am an artist currently living in New Jersey USA, found another studio in Costa Rica and I grew up developing my creativity in the Philippines. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. Have a great day!

admin said...

Way to go kuya Jude!ü You inspire other artist to follow your footsteps! Ü

Jude said...

Thanks a lot on your wonderful comment! Thank you for stopping by!

Spencer Sy said...

Hi Jude,

Great and helpful article about online marketing. Very helpful and inspiring posting you did. Nowadays we need to be creative in how we market our products and services.

Glad to hear also about your successful painting exhibits abroad and that you have sold numerous paintings.

Keep in touch!



Katie Atkinson said...

Thanks Jude,

Stock illustration source has been great for me too. It really made my business international, and it is so exciting to see where & how things are selling every month.
I have been wanting to create other kinds of art though, more for licensing and the children's market, and your article as well as some of the others has paved the way and shown me how to just do the art and not wait for a publisher-just jump in and open a zazzle shop etc. I have always wanted to do a US postage stamp, now I can!!! Thanks for opening my eyes on what is out there. I am getting so many new ideas I want to do I was up at 4:00 am just thinking about the possibilities!
What comes through in your new work is how much you love it!

Teresa said...

Hi Jude

Thank you for emailing me to read your comments on your career. I have been wanting to create more but as you know of my circumstances it has been hard. I plan to keep working on my art and have more inspriation by keeping an eye on your progress. Congratulations.


TheEdgeClinger said...

Enjoyed your article very much, Jude. And of course your art is incredible. Thanks so much for all your help.

Jude said...

It is also an inspiration to know that you were all inspired to move forward and continue to reach your goal as an artist. Thank you so much to all your wonderful comments!

deeksha said...

hi jude this is deeksha . your butterfly painting is realy heart touchin and attractive and others are too as well.This is realy greatfful to contact with you. I just want to ask that how can i post
my work? thanks or the haelp again.

thank you

deeksha said...

hi jude.your work is realy attractive and heart touching. specialy that butterfly painting , i like that very much. its realy great to contact with you. thanks for your kind supprt.


tjustleft said...

Great work! You definitely inspire me to keep creating and promoting. I hate the marketing part of it :)

Moshe Mikanovsky said...

Hey Jude,
Great article and tips! I always love your positive attitude and encouragement, that's what make you such a great person, and it shows in your art! And that's why people love it!!!
Keep doing what you are great at,
PS thanks for the mention :-)

Rebecca Brittain said...

Great article, and I really love your work! As a photographer trying to use social sites, blogs, etc. this is very encouraging!

Jude said...

Yes I found social networking very helpful in finding buyers of my art. It may not be direct but because of our consistent visibility using it people will just remember us when the right time comes. Thanks a lot Rebecca for your nice comment!

CrypticFragments said...

congrats on this interview and feature Jude! I was not aware that your paintings were on a wine bottle! lol
Here I just thought you were a real nice guy...
Best wishes always!

Jude said...

Thank you Tammy! Your wonderful comment is an inspiration!

Kevin Nodland said...

Great information, thanks so much, I created the facebook group called "ARTISTS TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING CREATING ART" and with Sarah Dees help putting up so much useful information and all the artists chipping in, we are really getting popular. I love your story and wish I could say the same, but it just hasnt happened for me, YET! Thats why I keep pluggin away by networking. thanks again, and thanks for joining our group.
Kevin Nodland NODLAND DESIGNS on facebook

Jude said...

Thank you Kevin for your wonderful words! I really admired the way you created your Facebook Group! I am very happy to be a member. You are on the right track Kevin. Soon you will see yourself with lots of art sales and success. I wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

I have designed a pet Sympathy card complete with a 4-line poem that has an insert for the aniamls name. It can be used for any type of animal. These are big with professional groomers, veterinarians, and boarding kennels. I want to sell my one design outright. Where can i go to find info on how to do that? I would appreciate any information you could direct me to. Thank you for your time.

Dorothy Bellisario said...

I have great experience through them and now I discovered also my love in fine art that brought another style for my work. That is so funny!

Jeffrey said...

The web is truly a magnificent tool for people to share their points of view, experiences, talents and skills. I am an art lover and I am fascinated on how you blend the colors in your artwork. Great job! I agree with you that people who want to sell their art online can take advantage of social media sites because they attract a great number of traffic in their web site. My sister, Jill is also thinking of putting up her own site. She is a terrific graphic artist and in her site, people can simply upload their masterpieces and share them to the world. Last week, she consulted a highly skilled architect (website developer) and they are currently planning a website that will promote the talents of these young artists. Hopefully they will be able to launch it soon. Great post Jude!

online survey said...

Sure they have to be appealing in the first place and then the social networks can help to launch your product and advertise and market it to the world.How do you protect from others copying your art...watermark?

Samuel Carlson said...

As far as Selling prints of your work, there is etsy, cafepress, zazzle, and deviantart. Etsy for me is too much of a hassle b/c I need to actually handle the shipping and printing and everything. Personally I use as a printer and shipper of my work. they give you a whole gallery option and pricing plans. They have their bare minimum prices, and you keep anything over that amount. Say it costs them $2.30 to print out and ship an 8x10 print. if you price it for $12, you get 10 bucks.

Here is an example of my smugmug gallery.

Also, you want to get all of your social media networks on par with one another, make it easy for people to be connected with you. on my homepage you can see that I have links to all of my different outlets (twitter, facebook, instagram ebay etc.)

Hope this helps, and keep up the hard work!


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