Use a Blog to Let Art Buyers Know You

Greeting Card Designer Blog invited Mary Lawler, artist to be a special guest writer to talk about why she has a blog.

Guest Writer, Mary Lawler

An artist's blog is one of the best ways to help a potential buyer get to "know you". Buyers are much more likely to purchase from an artist they feel a connection with, than not.

Think about the questions people ask you at art shows and gallery openings. What inspires you? Where is this landscape (house, garden, scene)? How long did it take you? What materials do you use? People really want to know about you and your work.

A blog need not be long but it should be focused on some aspect of your art. It isn’t necessary to disclose your personal life unless it's relevant to the subject. Just be honest, ask for feedback and be yourself.

One blogger I know bears her struggling, painful soul in her posts. She gets a lot of sympathy but her followers drop off after a while, there is no useful content. Another blogger posts a picture of a piece, and the blog contains the title, size and price. Period. That’s not enough content.

The feedback I receive, or don’t receive, keeps me on track. I also know when I have hit a nerve or a controversial subject. My blog is integrated into my site, so viewers aren’t directed away to a separate site. You run the risk of them not returning.

Not a writer? Here is a link to a blog about what to write about in your blog.

Mary Lawler
Social Media Diredtor, ArtId.com

About Mary: As a self-employed artist for over 30 years, I have a wealth of experience in many aspects of art business and marketing. I share my knowledge and experience, through teaching, blogging and consulting with artist members of www.ArtId.com.

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Unknown said...

Great tips! I've been wondering about integrating my blog into my site. It makes sense to have one place for everything. Have to look into doing that since separate links at this point. Will check out ArtId.com for more. Thanks for another informative post:)