Why a Sculptor should have a blog

Greeting Card Designer Blog invited Patrick Gracewood, sculptor, to be a special guest writer for "Social Media Month" and talk about his experiences of having blog about his art.

by Patrick Gracewood

I post three times a week to my sculpture blog, www.ShadowsOnStone.blogspot.com. There are several reasons I believe having a blog is helpful for artists:

Why I Have a Blog

  • Writing that often has made me much more articulate about my own work and the work of others.
  • Writing for a blog is like writing a post card. Blogs need good images and short concise sentences.
  • I'm thinking more about the why we make sculpture and less about the how (techniques ) of artmaking.
  • The most surprising thing is getting new subscribers from all over the world, Australia, Argentina, and Serbia.

How did they find my humble blog?

Well, it turns out there are a few other people who like to think about making sculpture and why.

It's a small audience but that's exactly who I want to engage in this conversation.

My approach to sculpture is poetic, I use images of nature metaphorically to evoke an emotional response.

Contact info

Patrick Gracewood
email: pmg@gracewoodstudio.com
website: www.GracewoodStudio.com

Gracewood Studio offers his art work and sculpture services to designers, architects, landscape designers, and private clients.
Blog: http://shadowsonstone.blogspot.com/