Halloween Queen: Nancy Michalak

I really like the style Nancy Michalak's cards because they evoke an eerie feeling of Halloween!  You can walk right into the scenes.  I asked Nancy about her process of designing her art.  Here is her response:

"My work is a mixture of both collage and paper cutting. I use black silhouette paper, then drawing a detailed design or image.  Then I cut out the image using small manicure scissors.  The resulting image is one piece.

This image is then overlayed onto a collage background that is created by using various papers and watercolor media.  The collage must align with the paper cutting to create the mood or effect intended. Finally, in addition to the underlying collage, I sometimes overlay on top of the paper cut additional decorative elements. I then print the images and hand apply them to cards."

Check out her website and shopping pages:
Nancy Michalak
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/NancyMichalak?ref=shop_sugg
Fine Art America: http://fineartamerica.com/art/all/Nancy+Michalak/all

Online Greeting Card Sales Increased 17%

The IBIS marketing research company reported a 17% growth in online card sales in 2012.  The original report has several interesting facts about the changes in the card industry:

• The prediction is a 12% annual growth of online card sales through 2017. This is attributed to the growth in social media and technology.

• There are no companies who dominate the online greeting card market, and established companies like Hallmark and American Greetings face mounting competition from new companies. 

• Personalized cards have increased in popularity. 

• Customers are paying more for cards and want higher quality materials.

Many of these trends also coincide with the independent retail stores I interviewed recently. What I conclude from this information is that the industry is changing rapidly.  It appears customers want high quality cards, the convenience of having someone else mail them, and a unique personalized style.

Where to Sell Cards Online: Check out my list of online venues for selling cards such as crowdsourcing, apps and print on demand.

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