Do You Have a Halloween Card?

If you are an artist and have a Halloween Card Design, I am looking for submissions to feature on this blog during October.  *Please submit all art according to guidelines page and please put BLOG HALLOWEEN CARD SUBMISSION in the subject line. Thanks so much!

If selected, your card will be posted on this blog which has over 30,000 visitors and subscribers a month!  I post a high percentage of the submissions I receive.


Here's a colorful Halloween card by artist Patti Gay.  I can see this one jumping out from the card rack.

Visit her website  and blog 

Are you a West Wing Fan? Remember Kate Harper?

I started watching West Wing when people would come to me and say "Your name is Kate Harper? Kate Harper is on West Wing!"

Well the character's name on West Wing was Kate Harper, just like mine.

It just so happens this year the actress's sister is running for Michigan's Supreme Court, and the West Wing cast got together to make a video for her.

If you liked West Wing, you'll enjoy seeing all these actors again in this video. Click on arrow to play.

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My Painted Fire Hydrants -- Finished.

Here are the final results of my painting the street fire hydrants.  I learned a lot!  See the process in my last blog post.

This hydrant is next to an elementary school, 
and the kids would come and talk to me during their recess and tell me their pet stories.

This hydrant is next to a great Tapas bar called "Fonda."  
The bottom of the hydrant reads "Follow the road to Albany."

My bike helmet matches my hydrant!

This hydrant was the hardest because of all the layers of colors and shapes.  
Each color takes 24 hours to dry, so painting one color top of another took a lot of planning.


This is my favorite because I like to add humor and introspection into art and I also like words.
The flowers were painted using a kitchen sponge and handmade stencil.


My instructions from the city is that I should not paint the caps (green ones)
 because the colors are a code that tells the fire department
how many gallons of water is in each type of hydrant. 

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