When I grow up I want to be a street artist.

I've always wanted to be a street artist without getting arrested.

Two artist friends of mine Lesli and Marie (and I) all decided to meet once a month and look for weird call-outs and art grants to apply for.  One was to paint art on fire hydrants and Marie and I both were awarded grants for it.

This is day 1 of painting my 4 hydrants.  Not much art to show yet.  I'm just priming them and putting the base coat on.  See the actual results in a later blog post.

I found a way to pack all my art supplies on my Dahon folding bike.  My Dahon is my car.

 This hydrant was hard because tree sap kept dripping down on me.

I was afraid I might tip over a jar of oil-based paint on the sidewalk --
so I kept them far away from my feet.

 A fireman came by in his fire truck and said "Are you supposed to be doing that?"
I said "Well YOU of all people should know!"
He wanted to see my paperwork proving the city gave me permission to do it.  Luckily I had it.
Marie warned me of this because a policeman stopped her when she did her hydrant.

I'm just beginning to put the color on this one.  It is at a busy bus stop. The bus would pull up right next to me (like 2 feet away!) and I kept thinking I was going to get run over. Whew!

Here is a link to Marie's hydrants: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4347328892028&set=o.163803967010671&type=1&theater

Photos by Irene Rice.



Patti said...

fun...by the way I love your socks!

Alex Colombo said...

This looks really fun Kate! Love your Dahon :)

Edilberto Durano said...

Ha ha. This incredibly fun and funny at the same time. Makes street art look like an every day thing. Gnarly!

Jenipher Lyn said...

This is so cool! So glad you got the grants!

Jude said...

How do you find the weird call-outs and grants?

Kate Harper said...

Jude-That's why we meet -- we each research call outs on the web and get plugged into different websites that announce call-outs. It takes some footwork, but most states have an association for arts and list city grants and such.

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