New Product Samples Arrive

No one should ever tell a child that there is no future in coloring. More of my product samples arrive today of my crayon coloring (Amber Lotus Publishing: Wall Calendars & engagement calendars, Leanin' Tree: mugs & magnets).

Amber Lotus

Amber Lotus

Amber Lotus

Amber Lotus

Leanin' Tree

Leanin' Tree

Leanin' Tree

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Special Guest Michael Rhoda Joins us on Monday Greeting Card Video Chat

Michael Rhoda will join us at 11:00 a.m. PST (2:00 Eastern) Monday August 15th Greeting Card Geek Video Chat on Google+. Here's how to join the discussion.

Michael Rhoda has approximately two decades of experience as a writer, illustrator, and product director in the social expressions industry. Additionally, Michael has won national recognition for his editorial cartooning and song writing.

The majority of Michael's greeting card experience has come while employed with Current (Colorado Springs, CO) and Leanin' Tree (Boulder, CO).

Michael presently splits time between his current position as a stay-at-home writer for Leanin' Tree and building up his newly formed art licensing business, which operates under the name "Michael Rhoda Studios."

How Artists Are Using G+ Hangouts

  • 30 second video that shows an example of a hangout in action.

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40 Photography Shots that Change Your Mood

Here another article I found interesting. Note: This is only excerpt. To read the entire article go to the blog post at WDL blog

This is a perfect example of how an images can communicate a message (something to think about when designing greeting cards).

We could stay in this moment for the rest of our lives...

Still Life


G+ Video Hangout Today

Thanks everyone for joining the hangout today! We even had a participant from Spain!

Patti Gay was our special guest for Q&A about licensing.

Even thought there is a limit of 10 people in a hangout at any one time, when one person leaves, another can take their place.

Here is a list of people who joined us.

Patti Gaycathy huntMaria Scrivanrobin renee hixvarda livneyNina SquillanteNadine MnemoiLeah JayAndi SchroederAlex SansoLeJarie NoguchiNancy OvertonLen EdgerlyNina Goebel
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