25 Free Resources for Graphic Designers

Here an article I found interesting. Note: This is only excerpt. To read the entire article go to the blog post at MycroBurst

Free Graphic Design Resources

  1. Grunge Fusion – Learn how to create cool grunge textures by blending modes and filters
  2. Realistic Golden Text – Mimic gold and create beautiful golden text in Pixelmator
  3. Gooey Text – Create 3-D gooey looking text with minimal drawing
  4. Surrealistic Hand-Drawn Illustration – Use fine liners and markers to create an illustration
  5. Colorful Photo Manipulation – Use different layers, brushes and adjustments in Photoshop
  6. 3D Character Logo – Give personality and sticker effect to a fun cartoon 3D character
  7. Textured Site Layout – Create a textured site layout by layering multiple images
  8. Watercolor Themed Website – How to use Art History brush to create a watercolor background
  9. Western Text Tutorial – Easy to use western type Illustrator Effects
  10. Special Finishing Touches – Master techniques of adding spot colors, varnishes and special touches to your layout.
  11. article continued....

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