Art Licensing on Tech Products: Artist Interview

Alisha Wilson

Alisha Wilson is one of our Art Licensing Group members here in the San Francisco Bay area, and she licenses her art onto video cameras. I asked her if she would be willing do an interview for this blog and she kindly agreed. Here is her story:

Can you tell us about the tech product you license your artwork on?

I create designs for Flip video cameras. These are the world’s simplest shoot and share video cameras. Each camera is about 2" x 4" in size and can be personalized. The personalized designs are printed directly on the camera and are permanent. On their website you can choose from thousands of designs. You can see my designs here: http://www.theflip.com/sweetooth

How would you describe your art style?

I would describe my style as light-hearted and fun. I create my designs with watercolor and then I manipulate them in the computer. My designs are trying to communicate happy feelings about my favorite things, most of them showcase food and friends.

What gave you the idea to pursue tech products, as a place for your art?

Anything I see imagery on sparks the question: "does my art fit here?" With Flip the style is fun and young and I thought it would be a good fit for my designs.

How do you think designing for a tech product is different than a typical gift product?

When designing for a tech product vs a gift product the main difference is the way it is sold. Gift products are tactile, when you purchase them you can usually pick them up and look at. When buying a tech product it's usually sold on line. So you have to see if your designs look good in the way your tech product is being sold on it’s web site. Every tech product and company has a different way to sell your work so it’s important to do research about each company. You can see my Flip video store here. The images of my designs are very small and need to look good a small scale to get a buyer to click and buy.

A lot of artists don't like the idea of licensing to online manufacturers that sell direct to consumers. What is your feeling about this?

I don’t have any negative feelings about selling to online manufactures. I think you have a closer relationship with someone who is dealing with the inner workings of that company and can ultimately be a good person to talk about making your designs work for their company and brand.

What other high tech products would you like to license your art on?

I would like to license my products on TV’s, Tom Toms, The Kindle, headphones and USB drives, just to name a few.


I license for aprons, oven mitts, kitchen towels, PJs, underwear, tableware, greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags and much more.


I went to college at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA. My major was in illustration. I have taken Graphic design classes at CCA as well as many licensing classes. I am always looking for ways to grow and improve my skills and knowledge.


Design book or publication: How Magazine, Communications Arts, and the new Banksy book Wall and Piece

Conference or show, and why: Surtex – Because it is so full of amazing people, artists, and classes.

Class or workshop worth attending, even if we have to fly there: Cheryl Phelps teaches an excellent class about Licensing. I loved it.

Decor8 teaches an online blogging class that so far is pretty awesome: http://www.decor8eclasses.com/

Design tip: Always have a contract and make sure there is an exit clause. If something doesn’t feel right trust your gut!

Tech Products You Use:

Computer: Mac Book Pro

Printer: Espon Photo R2400

Scanner: Epson 3200 Photo

Adobe Master Collection CS5

Message or quotation you have on your bulletin board: “Luck is when preparedness and opportunity happen at the same time.”

Website you visit often for Design information: www.aigasf.org

Blogs you read: www.designsponge.com, http://butdoesitfloat.com/, http://ffffound.com/

Podcasts you listen to: I don’t usually listen to pod casts but I am taking an e course from this site http://www.decor8blog.com/ on how to become a better blogger and they have pod casts.

Twitterers you follow: @nomadicmatt, @ifneedb, @997now, @ecdesignz, @cindyannganaden, @decor8

Tech device you can't live without. My Flip video camera, and my iPhone

Contact Info:

e-mail: alisha (at) alishawilson.com

web site: http://www.alishawilson.com/

blog: http://alishawilsonblog.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @AlishaWilson

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