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Useful Calendar Designing Tips

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Every winning communication material requires a rationale, concept or theme behind it. Same goes for the calendar designing. You need to think about certain themes or concepts for the calendar and get one approved from the client (or yourself – in case of your own calendar).

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How to Create a Repeat Pattern in Photoshop

Great Video on how to create a repeat pattern in photoshop by Andy Mathis. Thanks Andy!

Gift Guide for Artists: Recycled, Re-purposed & Free!

All of the items in this gift guide were recommended by artists who read this blog, and I asked the question "What is something in your studio you can't live without?" Here are some interesting items artists own that are either recycled, re-purposed, free or funny.

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"My favorite gadget is great not only for painting but also around the house. It's a metal gadget I got at Cheap Joe's. You can put your oil paint tubes, toothpaste, garlic paste -- anything that comes in a tube into it. Then you turn the handle and the little grooves squeeze out every last ounce of your product. It's great coz it saves your hands and saves time!" -Jean Laszuk

"One of my favorite finds that I use all the time is something I got at a Pampered Chef party! It is one of those round plastic holders for utensils with many dividers on a lazy susan.

I have it right next to my drafting table where I paint my illustrations, and I can spin it around to reach just the right kind of brush, I have them all sorted by size as well as for different media, I also have a few sections with other things, scissors, pens & pencils etc."

-Katie Atkinson

(picture)"It was getting harder and harder to justify my purchases of vintage glass flower frogs, until they became brush, pen and pencil frogs.

They bring a touch of class to my desktop.

The large wire frog is the only one I've seen that folds flat. Search estate sales and EBay; $1-$10"

-Nancy Overton

"My favorite studio items are comfy wicker chairs with a leopard print ottoman where I sit every morning before I start work.

Some of my best ideas are born in this corner of the room as I relax with my morning tea and write, sketch, brainstorm, and come up with ideas."

-Cindy revell
Illustrator & Oil Painter


"An item I can’t live without is a beautiful antique card catalog drawer in my studio. It was a gift from my mom and is a perfect container for bits of inspiration or serves as a great display for newly designed cards & art."

-Bridget Verdun,


"My "must have” is on my desk as my own personal ego booster. Shouldn’t everyone have one? It was purchased at this great shop called Bibelot here in St. Paul, MN." -Rich Sherman J. Ames Greetings

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"Here's one thing I find I use a lot: a small level. I use it to be sure my easel is straight, my paintings are level, and my camera is level before I shoot my paintings. I also take it with me when I paint outdoors." -Durinda Cheek

"One of the best presents to an artist would be a bundle of little coupons that are a pass for not having to do the things around the house."-Lida Enche

"I also really like my bulletin boards, I have several in my studio. Cover them in fabric, and they're pretty too." - Kari Emmons Michaud

"An old fashioned nutcracker: great for opening older tubes of oil/acrylic paint." -Eva-Maria Ruhl

"I love handmade pottery to hold my brushes, pencils, tubes, etc. A mug or bowl is a great gift for the studio". -Eva-Maria Ruhl

"The best thing in my studio is my bookshelf that is filled with inspiring books, photos, magazines and cut-outs that have been so preciously picked over the last years.
-Louma Pokidots! studio

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