Advantages of a Handmade Card Business Part 4: More Designs & High Quality

The main advantage of handmade cards is that you can afford to offer many more designs. Multiple color printing, on the other hand, is expensive. It would limit how many designs you could offer.

Also if you look closely at commercially printed cards, the materials used are usually of lower quality than that of a handmade card. The card itself is usually thin and under 60 lb weight. Often they are not protected in a cellophane bag. As a result they tend to get damaged in the store from over handling. Also, printed cards tend not to use high-quality envelopes with square flaps, deckled edges, or wide varieties of colors.

Makers of hand-crafted cards, on the other hand tend, to use all of these materials so that the cards are much more attractive.

For special occasions like a wedding or birth, I believe customers prefers to buy high-quality, hand-crafted cards, especially if the recipient is going to keep the card as a momento. As one card maker put it "handmade cards are a relief in a world gone mad with mass producing everything. It's is a "real person" product you can give to another "real person" customer.

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Olivers' Flowers said...

I love your website. I have been making cards for years and finally am getting serious about selling and marketing. Your website is very encouraging and valuable. I will send you one of my cards if i can figure out how to do it.
Linda Oliver

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