66 Places That Artists can Build an Online Presence

Here is another "must read" article by Artist Moshe Mikanovsky: "66 Websites for Artists to build an online presence."

He has put together an extensive list of resources on how artists can get online exposure, even if you don't have a website. He also notes which ones require fees, commissions, or are free.

His categories includes: Gallery Portfolio sites, Online Portfolio Sites, Artist's Online Communities, Licensing Networks, Print on Demand, Art Forums, Artist Directories and Social Networks.

This article is a follow up to another article he wrote about how companies do online scouting on these sites, to find art to license. Moshe has done his homework and interviews people to find out what "really works" for artists.


Moshe Mikanovsky said...

Thank you Kate for the mention! I must say that I owe you a lot of thanks, as you planted the idea to create the list. I just listened and did the hard work :-)

thanks again

Moshe Mikanovsky said...

... and I bloged about it. You can read it here:



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