Halloween Mail Art

I fell in love with Wendy Wallin Malinow's Halloween mail art when I first saw it. What is mail Art ? It is a process where strangers (or friends) mail each other art, and in Wendy's case, "make art" out of mail.

Wendy grew up in a family of artists. Her dad was an architect, but also collected stamps and loved getting things in the mail. Her mom was a calligrapher and loved any kind of hand lettered forms. She has always loved drawing and painting. Early on, she made her own cards and faux stamps. She is an illustrator and has created commericial greeting cards, gift items, and books.

Wendy says "I love participating in swaps and pen pals. I'm currently working on altering vintage envelopes and postcards, mixing them up with vintage stamps and my own stamps. Some of my originals and prints are in my Etsy shop and my tumblr site."

Contact Wendy: 

Wendy Wallin Malinow eyefun@comcast.net
Etsy store: eyefun.etsy.com
Website: inkhead.tumblr.com

Got Mail Art? View or Contribute your own work to the Mail Art Gallery on this blog.

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