Have you checked out these professional greeting card groups?


Linkedin Greeting Card, Stationery & Gift Industry Gurus
Networking links of sales, marketing, product development and sourcing people from these related industries and to help entrepreneurs gain access to industry knowledge and 'how to's."

Greeting Card Professionals
The worldwide default network for publishers, distributors, designers, buyers, developers, (online) retailers and anyone else relevant in the business. Feel free to join and don't forget to invite your colleagues and business relations.

Greeting Card Professionals
The Independent Greeting Card Professionals Association is composed of working professionals--and beginning professionals--who create and sell greeting cards retail or wholesale, at craft fairs or trade shows, or via the Internet. Members produce work in a variety of greeting card genres.

Power of Storytelling in Business

I enjoyed this audiobook I checked out from my local library: "The Power of StoryTelling." It was interesting to hear why "story telling" is so important in business -- especially if you have to explain something boring in an interesting way.  I also recommend it to people who have to do presentations.
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