Independent App Maker Seeking Artists

Micah Russo wrote to me and is an independent developer who is planning to launch his first web app called "Toon Talks" and is looking for artists to participate in his project.  Here are the details from him:

Toon #4"I am seeking a few artists who would like to have their work featured on Toon Talks in exchange for a byline and a link back to their website or portfolio.  

Users of Toon Talks:
1. Browse art from various artists, 
2. Select an image, and 
3. Craft a personal message to post on Facebook or share with friends via email.  

-The long-term vision for the project is to support independent artists through revenue sharing and mictro-transactions.

-Images should be submitted in a set of 4 so that I can dedicate a whole page to each artist.

-Art images may be modified and shared by users of the site.  

Try out the Facebook App at

Artists should visit to look at the 'Goopymart Talks' page as an example.  

He can be contacted via the form at for more details.

You can also visit his kickstarter page at:

Letter Writer's Alliance

I really like the blog Letter Writer's Alliance. Every time I read it, I want to make mail art

Here are some images from their blog:

Envelope stamps 1

Making mail 02

Making mail 01

Houses engman

Moth Specimen

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