The Dragon Project

A friend of mine, Marie Jensen submitted her art to "The Dragon Project" and I thought other artists might want to know about this. It is a project to  help children in Japan who were affected by the earthquake, the tsunami and the radioactive pollution in Fukushima, Toko Shiiki and Nino Trentinella.. The Dragon Project is an international, collaborative endeavor to showcase all the artwork created by the participants in fundraiser exhibitions around the world.

The project joins all the artwork submissions together to make a long dragon which are exhibited at a Fundraiser art exhibition in Paris and other cities around the world. Also, they make and sell books with all the submitted artwork.

ALL money raised through the fundraisers and the sale of books will be sent to the Fukushima Children’s Fund and Living Dreams and used to help buy food radiation detectors, provide material support such as clothing and footware, create monitoring stations and construct a rest home for the child victims. 

 The Show

  The Book


Marie's Art Submission (Also in the Book)

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