What would you do if your computer was stolen today?

This could be you. And if your art is irreplaceable, then you should have online storage that is in a different location from your computer.  For only $5 a month you can save yourself a lifetime of trauma from losing 5 years of artwork.  External hard drives are not sufficient because they can be damaged or stolen also.

I use Backblaze and Crashplan.  They both backup your computer automatically in the background and I have found they have more free features and better customer service than other storage systems.  Some companies like Backblaze even have mapping system that can locate your computer if it is stolen.


Kelly Fitzgerald said...

Thank you Kate for this reminder. Thank you for the information too.

Periwinkle Paisley said...

The main reason I am a member of Deviantart is that it's essentially an offline storage site for my art. Almost everything I've ever drawn is there with my name on it. Membership is free, they'll put the watermarks on your work for you when you post it and it's a chronological record of what you've done, when you've done it and how you've progressed as an artist.

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