The Pet Who Wanted to Go Home With Santa

Here is a card Allison Chesnutt that is about a pet who wants to go home with santa.  I think that is a great concept and sentiment.  It's so like a pet to want to do that.

Artist Information:
Allison Chesnutt
AJ's Pastime


How to Resize Multiple Images via Batch Processing

Another great how-to article by Joan Beiriger's Blog on Art Licensing.  Check it out.  Here's an excerpt:

There are times an artist needs to change the file size, file format, add a signature, logo or watermark on multiple images for the following purposes:
• e-mail attachments to manufacturers for licensing consideration
• a manufacturer request for presentation to their client(s)
• low resolution standard size images for websites
• a marketing slide show for
• iPhoto library that will be transferred to iPad
• photo/image-sharing websites like drop box
• sent to printing services
• sent to a publication for a press release or an advertisement
• auction/sale websites such as eBay and Etsy

Doing these tasks one file at a time is boring and time consuming. However, using batch processing software that allows multiple steps to be applied to many files at once is fast and easy.

Adobe Photoshop allows a person to do custom batch processing by using the Action and Batch commands to program exactly what is needed. Turnkey software (pre-built software for immediate use) performs certain tasks such as resizing images and reformatting files.  Article continued...

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