Free Greeting Card Booklet Today (Also Thursday and Friday)

Free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! (November 14,15, and 16th)

7 Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make

A booklet on common mistakes greeting card writers make and what to avoid when submitting greeting card verse to publishers. Today, greeting card publishers are shying away from traditional stereotypes, and may even include pets as family members. This article talks about how to create a trendy card that reflects the contemporary world we live in, and how to use our own personal experiences to create great card verse. Topics include: how to avoid limiting the market of who could buy your card, when to use adjectives, how not to creating card for enemies, how to write like people talk and a list of why card sentiment submissions are often rejected. The good news is you can increase your odds of success by 60% by doing a few simple things.

BONUS: Includes a list of card publishers and their guidelines, links to writer interviews, and exercises for creating good verse (4,000 words and 9 Card Sample images).

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