Papergirl Art Show Expresses Wit and Humor

Many of you may have read my prior blog post about two friends and I participating in Papergirl, a community project that distributes art by bicycle, freely and at random, to people in the streets of San Francisco.

Well, before our ride next week, we had the opportunity to participate in the show at Incline Art Gallery in the Mission district of San Francisco. Here's a taste of the unusual, humorous and subversive art on display. The event was sponsored by the local de Young art Museum and bicycle stores.

The sidewalk entrance to the Incline Gallery:

3 Stories of art hanging by clothespins.

Words on these three say "Ex-Girlfriend #1" , Ex-Girlfriend #2", Ex-Girlfriend #3."  
Wonder what the story behind this?

I like this mysterious clock!

These made me smile.



 I say this to myself too much!

Cool Keypad.

I'm chatting with the lady who made the cookies and cakes for the opening.

 Lots of art on each floor.

Here's my piece.

Here's Marie Jensen's piece:

Lesli Zephr's pieces:


 They even made the envelopes as part of the exhibit (the art was mailed in).

1 minute video of what it was like to walk through the 3 story Incline Gallery Show

Halloween Cards: Outside the Box

Here are some Halloween cards submissions that I found either unusual, interesting or fun.  Not your typical card.

A Halloween queen of everything scary!  Fun for looking at details.  
I could see children seeking out all the creepy images hidden in corners.  Great detail.

 I love the colors and textures, especially the swirly images at the bottom.  
You can feel the wind being stirred up by the ghosts!

 Artist who is REALLY thinking outside of the box.
Perfect card for a chef.

I can't help but feel this is the beginning of a great Halloween ghost romance.
I like the background texture mixed with the simplicity of the ghosts.

 Candy corn graphics in a new way:

Sock Puppets seems to be all the rage these days -- now they are popping up in Halloween cards!

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