Halloween Cards for Dog Lovers


How could you not give your best candy to these trick-or-treaters?  
This dog wins best Halloween costume award.Adorable characters.  

I had one of those emotion "awww" responses when I saw this card by Patsy Coogan.  
I think the message is great!  Her website shows animals in other settings.



Patsy Coogan
Illustration - licensing

There's nothing like a candy corn fanged dog greeting you at the door!

Free Fonts for Commercial Use

My brother-n-Law John Ward, a book cover designer,  tipped me off to this great website of free fonts you can use for commercial purposes. -Kate


"Burning Man" Supplier Will Suprise You.

You would not expect that an old electronics store would be a popular place for Burning Man artists, but the owners of Al Lasher Electronics  in Berkeley say these indeed are some of their best customers.

This is a one-of-a-kind store is down the street from my house.

Burning man display featuring foam covered light sticks.

LED's are popular with Burning Man artists.

An endless supply of electonics from all eras.

Display box carefully balanced between 2 counter tops and decorated with lights.

 Ellen (below) is the daughter of Al Lasher (deceased).  
She likes collecting foreign money (behind her).

The only place left in the world where you can still buy Beta video tapes. 
Whether you can find a Beta player is another question.

Need to find an original copy of Windows 95 book?

Need to have your old TV tubes tested?

A lot of things are under a $1

Interesting floor treatment.

The window display features an empty shelf.

Their books must have sold out.

Sign posted in window to make mothers feel welcome.

Al Lasher's slogan:  "I found it in Berkeley."

Store sign reminds us that "life is short".

Window sign invites Burning Man Artists.

Halloween Cards: Words-as-art

Here are cards by three artists that do a great job of mixing words into their art to make a Halloween card.




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