When I grow up I want to be a street artist.

I've always wanted to be a street artist without getting arrested.

Two artist friends of mine Lesli and Marie (and I) all decided to meet once a month and look for weird call-outs and art grants to apply for.  One was to paint art on fire hydrants and Marie and I both were awarded grants for it.

This is day 1 of painting my 4 hydrants.  Not much art to show yet.  I'm just priming them and putting the base coat on.  See the actual results in a later blog post.

I found a way to pack all my art supplies on my Dahon folding bike.  My Dahon is my car.

 This hydrant was hard because tree sap kept dripping down on me.

I was afraid I might tip over a jar of oil-based paint on the sidewalk --
so I kept them far away from my feet.

 A fireman came by in his fire truck and said "Are you supposed to be doing that?"
I said "Well YOU of all people should know!"
He wanted to see my paperwork proving the city gave me permission to do it.  Luckily I had it.
Marie warned me of this because a policeman stopped her when she did her hydrant.

I'm just beginning to put the color on this one.  It is at a busy bus stop. The bus would pull up right next to me (like 2 feet away!) and I kept thinking I was going to get run over. Whew!

Here is a link to Marie's hydrants: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4347328892028&set=o.163803967010671&type=1&theater

Photos by Irene Rice.

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