Free on Friday: Amazon Book on Cover Design

I am offering my new 65-page ebook for free on Amazon called "How to Design an Ebook cover: For a Non-Designer." This will be available on Friday only.

How To Download:  On Friday, September 7th, click on the link. The purchase price in the Amazon store will be "free".

(I also welcome any free feedback, opinions, and brutal honesty for improvements!)

You can read this on a Kindle, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Ipad, Iphone and a computer by using the following apps:

My New Calendar Samples Arrived

My new 2013 Calendars arrived that I designed with Amber Lotus.

They are now available on Amazon here.

Sending calendars through Amazon is great because they ship for free -- which is especially helpful because they calendars don't fit standard envelopes and can be hard to mail otherwise.


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