How I make my handmade art.

Even though most of my art ends up on the computer, I still always start with handmade art.

First I paint on mat board, and then I cut the board into pieces. After that, I scan them into to my computer.

From there I crop, shape, align the patterns into art.

Here's what my studio looks like right now as I create new patterns and color mixes!

How to raise a child in the 1950's

I ran across this old book on how to raise a child in 1955. It's great for making one-of-a-kind "mail art", but it's also pretty funny (and scary) otherwise:

Lesson Learned: Birthdays are strange and frightening situations. Yeah, these girls look pretty scary to me too.


Lesson Learned: Who knows! Just watch out for the stick!

Lesson Learned: It's fun to wear gay costumes and sew like your mom.

Lesson Learned: Boys are allowed to hang out with girls without the fear of "catching" girly habits.
Wow. I feel so much better now, just knowing that.


File copyrights in 15 mintues!

I filed copyrights for 108 greeting card designs in about 15 minutes while watching the Super Bowl. I'm so glad the copyright office accepts digital images online! Normally this would have been an all day event. Here's how to do it:
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