Stamp Prices Increase This Sunday

None of us in the greeting card business are a big fan of stamp price increases -- but like it or not, be aware that 
stamp prices will be increased This Sunday, January 22nd.  Here's the scoop:

-U.S. postage stamp is about to jump from 44 cents to 45 cents 
-Postcards will jump from 3 cents to 32 cents.
-Letters to Canada and Mexico will increase by 5 cents to 85 cents.
-Letters to other foreign countries will go up from $0.98 to $1.05.

To calculate prices for any item see the USPS price calculator.

Big Growth: Chinese New Years Cards

Check out the article today in the San Francisco Chronicle. Here is an excerpt:

Greeting Card Universe, the world's largest greeting card store, announces robust and growing sales of 66% year over year of Chinese New Year cards for 2012 to herald in the most auspicious of the Chinese zodiac, the year of the Dragon, celebrated this year on January 23rd. Boasting over 520,000 original card designs, Greeting Card Universe has quickly become the online destination for shoppers seeking the perfect card for both traditional and uncommon holidays and events.

7 Sins of Business Card Design

Here's an excerpt of a good article called 7 Sins of Business Card Design by Desizn Tech Blog.  

#6 Difficult To Tell What You Do

Take nothing for granted when you design your business card. Often, people will distribute business cards for "mystery" business, businesses that are difficult to identify. Make sure that your business card is designed to leave no question about what your business does!

...Read the rest of the article here.

Technology, Humor and Cards

If you are not tired of hearing my opinions on the card design business and art is an interview I did for the blog "The Moon from my Attic" blog on the topic of Tech, humor and cards. Here is an excerpt. To see entire interview go to blog post...

Question: Please give us your analysis of the market based on your own experience and contacts. I still feel so new to this career, that once I think I know what is happening, then the opposite happens. My personal opinion is to look in the direction of tech. That is where the world is right now. Recently I bought a Kindle Touch for $99, yet the only flimsy skins (rubber cover) I could find started at $20! Interestingly, all of these skins had art on them. Common sense tells me these skins can be made very inexpensively, and yet people are buying them for this steep price. In my mind, that's the future.

To read entire interview, go to blog post...

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