Street Art Show in Abandoned Building

Abandoned Flint Ink Factory

Recently a man here in Berkeley bought an abandoned 3 story factory and allowed 100 street artists to come inside and decorate it before he remodeled it.

Without much publicity, word got around and several thousand people showed up to the opening on the first day. It made me realize that people LOVE street art.

He opened it to the public for one month and I went by to see it with some friends. The show was called "Special Delivery."

Marie Jensen, who runs the greeting card company February Stars was also there and took the photos below.

She says since school art programs are being cut, she likes to give her kids "Alternative Arts" education.  You can see her kids in the photos.

What abandoned buildings are in your neighborhood?  Maybe suggest your community do the same thing?


Betsy B. said...

What a great item and outcome! Seems a shame for it to be remodeled over! Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

Amazing! I love street art for what it is and the passion behind it. What a fantastic thing this building owner did for the artists in his community.

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