Card Review of the Day - Artist Alex Colombo

ABOUT CARD REVIEWS: Periodically I will select a greeting card submitted to this blog and comment on it for educational purposes.  If you would like your card considered, see guidelines for submissions.


Here is a beautiful card by artist Alex Colombo.  I like the hand printed feeling and subtle textures.

Possible Tweaks? The uplifting message is touching and important. I'm wondering if it could be a little brighter or darker so that it pops out a bit more.  What do you think?


Alex Colombo | Design | Illustration | Art Licensing | Website:


Rachael Caskey said...

Beautiful card. I agree with you on making the message more prominent.

Alex Colombo said...

Thank you so much Kate for featuring my card The Blue Sun, and for the helpful tip! I originally battled with the color of the message back and first I thought red brick which is a bit more saturated and dark, but then I opted for the paprika. Red was probably the right one :)

Betsy B. said...

Alex, I really enjoy your designs. Always fun and happy.

Sharon Fernleaf said...

Lovely card, Alex :) I love your flowers! I also agree with comments above.

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