Mail Art Show

I've never entered art into an art gallery call-out, but thanks to two friend's encouragement, I entered a piece of "mail art" art to the Milk Gallery in Sacramento. I was quite surprised someone bought it and sent me a check! It's not a big one, but it taught me to consider applying for artist call-outs. I used to think call outs were only for professional artists who framed their work and shipped it to galleries (that can be quite complicated and expensive), but now there are a lot of subversive, grass root art shows popping up all over.

For me, mail art is the most fun type of art to make because it travels. If you want to see more mail art that has been submitted to this blog, see the mail art gallery page.

And a special thanks to Marie (letterpress art) and Lesli (dog humor) who is helping me find and submit to call-outs. Marie and Lesli also sold their pieces too!


import said...

I love your tag line to be a rock star.

Nissan GT-R

februarystarsinc said...

I love mail art! Thanks Kate!!

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