Free Book Today on the "Sharing Economy"

I just finished writing a book on Peer-to-Peer Sharing, a directory of new ways people use the mobile web to connect to each other in order to exchanges goods and services.

This ebook is available today for free at on Amazon. It can be read on multiple mobile devices and your computer.

For artists, some of these groups are quite relevant like (for teaching art classes) and Kickstarter (for acquiring funds for art projects) I have collected over 100 unusual organizations I find personally interesting that are involved in this new emerging economy.

Book Description:
Peer-to-Peer sharing is happening all around us. By using the social web and mobile apps we can meet up with like-minded people all over the country to borrow items, save money, make money, or help out an organization. We can swap clothes, find a taxi mate, rent out parking space, or lead our own specialized tour that goes off the beaten path.

This guide is a list of peer-to-peer networks that:

-Exchange goods or services.
-Is conducted through a website or mobile app.
-Allows the recipient to save money, giver to make money from underutilized goods.
-In some cases items are free and can be borrowed.
-These groups encourage less consumption and waste, and have a positive impact on the environment.

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