Why Designers Do Volunteer Projects

Here's an interesting article by Tyler Herman at DesignModo Blog. I've included and excerpt. To read the entire article, go to http://designmodo.com/designers-volunteer-projects/

Build Your Network

Do some design work for a charity event and guess what, you'll probably be a guest at that event. Charity events are great places to rub elbows with business owners in your community. And you don't have to try and sell yourself because you have a mutual interest with the people there. Just talk about the cause and mention that you helped by doing the design.
Client Work With Less Hassle

With volunteer work you can choose the client and most times set the timeline for the project. This gives you flexibility and allows for enough time to be as creative as you want to be. If you are tired of being told by clients what to do even though you are the design expert, you won't have to take it on this project. Finding a charity or non-profit client who will be happy with whatever design you come up with is easier than you think.

Fill Portfolio Gaps

Fill Portfolio Gaps

Is there a certain style or type of work missing from your portfolio? Perfect time to do a volunteer project. Find an organization that needs that type of project done or just mention it to one you would like to do work for and see if they agree. Most likely they will.


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