New "Card Towel"

On Fridays, I like to display samples of my products. Here is a sample "card towel (towel that you can send as a greeting card) by Fiddler's Elbow.

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30 Places to Buy and Sell Stock Images

Here's a great resource article, especially for photographers. It is by Designrs hub blog.
Read complete article and see all 30... Continued...

1. iStockPhoto

2. Shutter Stock
Shutter Stock

3. Fotolia

4. 123rf

5. Getty Images

See all 30...Continued...

Can you guess what this is?

Here is another "Can you Guess What this is" #3 post. The point of this, is to look beyond an object and try to see design in everything you come in contact with.

The first person who leaves a comment below with the correct answer will get a free ebook "7 Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make."

Creative and Inspiring Workplaces

Article Worth Checking out:

Our workplace can change the way we think, affect our mood and inspire our imagination. Here, I have brought together a collection of creative and inspiring workplaces. article continued...Creative and Inspiring Workplaces

10C3 Creative and Inspiring Workplaces

11E3 Creative and Inspiring Workplaces

article continued...Creative and Inspiring Workplaces
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