"Google+ Project" Allows Artists & Writers to Connect by Video

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Are you an artist or writer working at home? You can use Google Plus Project Social Network to meet up with a group of artists and have a casual chat by video. When you use the "Hangout" function, you can visit with 10 people simultaneously (kind of like a teleconference). And it's all free!

Join Google Plus Project for a art community hangout and chat (Search for "Kate Harper" and add me to your "Circle" if you'd like to try this). Since this new service is in beta and by invitation, let me know if you are having problems joining.

Short Video Demonstrations

Imagine the Possibilities:

-Meet with a group of etsy fans or fellow artists.
-Have a professional Art Licensing support group.
-Ask designer friends for feedback.
-Take or give a class.
-Be available online for a question and answer session about your art.

How it Works

-The maximum members in any Hangout is 10.
-People can come and go. If one person leaves, another can take her place.

-Whoever is speaking is automatically switched the large image on the computer screen. If someone else talks, it then switches to them.
-It's free!

Sample Computer Screen of 4 People Chatting
In this example the person speaking is the woman.
When someone else begins speaks, the image is replaced with the new speaker.

Want to join the next Greeting Card Geek hangout?

Join us next Monday August 1st at 11:00 PST Connect and add me to your circle on Google Plus and I'll send you a reminder.

Connect with Kate on Google+


How Artists Are Using G+ Hangouts

  • 30 second video that shows an example of a hangout in action.

Kate Harper Leanin' Tree Card

On Fridays, I like to display samples of my products. Here is a sample card by Leanin' Tree.

Check out the Facebook page:


Make a List of Your Friends Who Would be Willing to Play with You

The local greeting card gang visited the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair last weekend. It reminded me of what artist Rice Freeman-Zachery said in her interview on 10 ways to make time for art,
"Make a list of your friends who would be willing to play with you. I mean really play. Silly stuff. Building a fort, making costumes, writing plays. This is the friend you need to spend more time with."

(Kate, Laurel, Marie and Ginger)


Want to see more? Visit Lolo Laboratory blog who is doing a series of blog features of Renegade Faire Artists and their products.


Want to license your art? Find your story.

"What's your story"?

I never really thought about that question, until Linda Mariano asked it at our monthly art licensing meeting on Saturday. And we had to answer the question in only two sentences. That was hard for a room full of jabbering artists.

Linda is an art agent and licensing consultant who has worked with Thomas Kinkade, Disney, Nascar, Elvis, Warner Brothers and we were very fortunate she volunteered her time to give us a top-rate 2 hour presentation on how to move our art licensing career forward. Even with all my years in working in this industry, I found her questions refreshing and intriguing.

She believes all licensing artists should have a "story" and it goes way beyond their designs. It's not about inventing an artificial "brand" you try to force upon others. Rather, it's more about investigating yourself from the inside out and making a specific plan of action.

She says "your story" is a combination of:

-Your bio
-Your artist's statement
-The 4 or 5 key words you would use to describe your art
-Understand what is the "experience" a person will have with your art.

I walked away feeling that working with Linda could turn your art career around in a few months.

So, what is your story in two sentences ?
(leave comments below)

More About Linda Mariano
Principal and Senior Vice President, Marketing and Licensing
International Artist Management Group
+1 408 718 3730 | LMariano85@yahoo.com

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