New Magnet on Being Mad

On Fridays, I sometimes like to display samples of products I've designed.

Here is a recent magnet I designed for Ephemera.

What Quote is on your Bulletin Board?

Have any funny or inspiring messages on your bulletin board? Leave your "bulletin board quote" in comments below. Here are some of mine:

"If you think you can or if you think you can't -- You are right."
-Henry Ford

"It's Ok to get rid of books. It will attract new wisdom."
-From a friend who encouraged me to clear out some of my books
"Tell me what you pay attention to and I'll tell you who you are"
"All our problems are minor.
When we really look at them, they are only memories."

-Dalai Lama

"The Crowd is Always Wrong"
John Bogle, Former CEO of Vanguard Investment Group
"Givers are Winners."
-Dave Ramsey, Financial Advisor

13 Podcasts to Help Freelancers Succeed

Here's an article by freelancefolder blog.

Listening to podcasts is an excellent way to pick up new skills and keep up to date in your field.

They’re free and are consumable at the time and place of your choice. Plus, there’s a podcast (or several dozen) on any topic you can think of.

Read entire article...

Podcasts for Freelancers

Free Agent Underground
Presenters: Kevin Miller, Chuck Bowen and Justin Lukasavige
Content: Dedicated to those who are self-employed, talk about the “realities, responsibilities, rewards and large living of the free agent pursuit.” This podcast tends to tackles more mindset stuff than other freelancing podcasts.

Life of the Freelancer
Presenter: Robert Dempsey
Content: Heavy on marketing, the business aspects of freelancing, and face-to-face events for freelancers.

Creative Independence
Presenters: Bob and Chris
Content: A look at independent lifestyles of creative professionals from around the world.

CreativeXpert Design Interviews
Presenter: Eric Anderson and Alan Houser
Content: Created and hosted by web designers for other web designers and other creative experts to talk about careers, design techniques and other topics.

Artist's Lessons: New John Lennon Interviews

I recommend artists give an ear to this to extensive five hour audio interview with John Lennon from 1970, which was recently found in a closet.

It captures a moment in Lennon's life when he struggles emotionally to understand what it means to be an artist, and I found it very relevant to internal struggles visual artists face today.

Most of the interview is from 1970. I recommend starting with that set. The 1980 one is an entirely different time and mood.

It's easy to download on itunes and put it on your ipod...then take a long walk.
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