Want to license your art? Find your story.

"What's your story"?

I never really thought about that question, until Linda Mariano asked it at our monthly art licensing meeting on Saturday. And we had to answer the question in only two sentences. That was hard for a room full of jabbering artists.

Linda is an art agent and licensing consultant who has worked with Thomas Kinkade, Disney, Nascar, Elvis, Warner Brothers and we were very fortunate she volunteered her time to give us a top-rate 2 hour presentation on how to move our art licensing career forward. Even with all my years in working in this industry, I found her questions refreshing and intriguing.

She believes all licensing artists should have a "story" and it goes way beyond their designs. It's not about inventing an artificial "brand" you try to force upon others. Rather, it's more about investigating yourself from the inside out and making a specific plan of action.

She says "your story" is a combination of:

-Your bio
-Your artist's statement
-The 4 or 5 key words you would use to describe your art
-Understand what is the "experience" a person will have with your art.

I walked away feeling that working with Linda could turn your art career around in a few months.

So, what is your story in two sentences ?
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More About Linda Mariano
Principal and Senior Vice President, Marketing and Licensing
International Artist Management Group
+1 408 718 3730 | LMariano85@yahoo.com



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I am not personally an artists but starting out as a Art Rep. Finding it a bit diffucult to get artwork onto greeting cards. Do you know of any resources for sub agents in this industry?

Alex said...

Great editorial - very useful, thanks for sharing!

tortagialla said...

Great point...I think this is exactly the struggle for many, when trying to understand their marketing proposition...

Sharon Fernleaf said...

Really appreciate this post. Thanks!

Liz Lantigua said...

What's my story...to connect artists/designers and manufacturers to produce new retail products for the, over 50 million, U.S. Hispanic market.

Thanks for the great post! Wish we could have met Linda Mariano! Hope we can in the future!

Sherry d. said...

I dont know if I have two sentences for "Whats my story?" but I do have two word "Polished Negligence"

Christine said...

My two sentence statement would be:

"I live to create the works of my imagination into tangible art for people to enjoy. Through my work, I try to convey the feelings and simple joys of childhood and the wonder in discovering new things no matter how little or big."

plastic card said...

may you have a great story !!
but my story is teaching chinese to english college students

Darlene said...

Valuable information. I'm going to start retooling my story now.

Thanks for sharing!

Frank Zweegers said...

Thanks for the info.

Donna Collins said...

Growing up in a coal mining community, I've always been a country artist at heart. My art is old fashion warm colors, combined with cheery smiles or eyes that touch the heart that leave you with a smile, grin, laugh or sigh.

Donna Collins

mj said...

I love to give someone something to keep a piece of art they can hang on their wall with a memory .

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