Berkeley Knitting Graffiti in Action

Some people in my neighborhood were tired of looking at an unpleasant "No-Parking" sign, so we decided to decorate it with knitting graffiti.

Six of us worked on the project which included a grandmother, 2 children, and 4 adults.

First, several people knitted small square patches and then these pieces were all combined into one piece. Then we wrapped the entire piece around the pole and sewed it on. The sewing process took about one hour.

We also used bead embellishments to add a little flair.


Kate Pitner said...

Kate - this is BRILLIANT! What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing that - I may be gathering some friends and decorating a few ugly poles myself! :0)

Christina said...

Amazing! Goes to show we can make the world a prettier place to live in :)

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