Greeting Card Geeks Have Video "Hangout" on Google+

Yesterday I used the new Google Plus Video "Hangout" (in Beta) with 7 greeting card & gift professionals, to have an informal discussion about working in the gift industry. We talked about the future of tradeshows, working with agents, the possible uses of Google Plus for professional development and what it's like to be a product designer. This experienced showed me that the potential for incorporating google+ hangouts is limitless for anyone in the gift industry (and beyond).

Our "Hangout" Attendees
We had a variety of professionals join our hangout who have skills in the gift and stationery industry:
Maria Brophy: Art Agent and Licensing Consultant
Ginger McCleskey : Greeting Card Sales Rep and Instructor
Meryl Hooker: Sales Rockstar, Author and Consultant
Patti Gay: Licensing Artist and Children's Book Author
John Ward: Google+ Evangelist, Writer and Artist
Michael Rhoda: Designer and Writer for Leaning' Tree
Laurel Nathanson: Designer and Author of Lolo's Lab Blog
Kate Harper: Card Designer

What a "Hangout" Looks Like

Here is a screen shot of what it looked when we were talking.
(Maria Brophy is on the large screen speaking, and the rest of us are at the bottom of the screen. When someone else starts talking, the large image will switch to the second person).

Hangouts are different than video conferences, because they are a social network. Possible uses of this free service from Google+ might include teaching classes, consulting, having a business meeting, visiting with customers or holding a musical performance! People can come and go as they please and it's more informal -- like meeting at a coffee shop. They don't have to be prescheduled. Anyone can start one at anytime and invite anyone on their social network to "drop in."

How to do it

1. Sign up for Google plus. (Since this service is in Beta, you might need an invite. Contact me if so.)

2. Click on hangout (lower Right) and start your own. Wait for people to stop by and join you. You can also look for other artists holding a hangout and join theirs.

Designer Patti Gay talks about why she likes having an agent)

Nuts and Bolts:
  • You can have up to 10 people.
  • If one person leaves, another person waiting can take their spot.
  • Whoever is speaking becomes the large picture on the screen.
  • When someone else speaks, it switches to their face.
  • The names of everyone are available below their image.
  • Images or sound can be muted or hidden by oneself or others.
  • Hangouts are informal. You can start one anytime without scheduling it.
  • You can limit the hangout to a specific "circle" of people.

  • Meet with a group of etsy fans or fellow artists.
  • Have a professional Art Licensing support group.
  • Ask designer friends for feedback.
  • Take or give a class.
  • Be available online for a question and answer session about your art.

Want to join the next Greeting Card Geek hangout?

Join us next Monday August 1st at 11:00 PST Connect and add me to your circle on Google Plus and I'll send you a reminder.

How Artists Are Using G+ Hangouts

  • 30 second video that shows an example of a hangout in action.

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