"CardTowels" Arrive!

I was so happy to receive samples of 24 "CardTowels" designs this week.

I worked on these products with"Fiddler's Elbow" a manufacturer of functional and decorative home decor.

Christy Phelan, the product director had this amazing idea to make a towel into a greeting card.

She also included a magic marker and envelope in the packaging, so you can personalize your message on the towel and mail it to a loved one!

I think it would be wonderful to have a kitchen towel I could use everyday that has a message to me on it from a friend, and that every time a use it I think of them.


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Marty Qatani said...

very cool... I'm interested in how they were printed. The towels that I've seen screen printed in the past have always been to rough to actually use. Are these strictly decorative, or are they meant to be used as well ?

Kate Harper said...

Yes they are usable. This company makes great houseware items and they are handprinted by screen. It's an impressive operation based in New York.

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