Photoshop Tip: Easy to Create Motifs for Art Collections

Check out this article on Joan Beiriger's Art Licensing Blog. This is only an read entire article go to her blog post.

Flowers and geometric shapes are great motifs to embellish backgrounds and patterns in art collections. And it is easy and fast to create them in Photoshop by using the transform tool to do a continual repeat and rotate of a simple shape. The examples in this tutorial shows how to take a simple oval shape and create different looking flower motifs. By using this same technique, an endless number of geometrics motifs and looks can be easily created for art collections.

Motif A:
Step 1: On a new layer create an oval by using the elliptical marquee too to start creating a flower.
Step 2. Select a color in the foreground color swatch (at bottom of tool bar) and fill it by using the bucket tool. This example uses the color black.
Step 3. Select the Free Transform command by pressing the Command key plus the T key on the keyboard. A bounding box appears that surrounds the oval (not shown in example). A center marker (circle with a dot in the center surrounded by four tick marks) is in the center of the oval. Note: The red dot on the oval in the example represents the center marker. The oval will be duplicated and rotated around the center marker.

article read entire article go to her blog post.

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