Are Card Publishers Keeping Bookstores Alive?

I recently listened to an excellent interview on Kindle Chronicles podcast, with Neil Strandberg, manager of operations at Denver’s renowned Tattered Cover Book Store, about his experience of the e-book revolution.

He made an interesting statement:
In the most financially successful bookstores, the fastest growing inventory now is not a book, but sideline items (includes cards and gifts) . They are now the most profitable part of the business.

I was surprised to hear this.

Perhaps the gift industry is keeping the bookstore industry afloat?

Check out the audio interview online:

You can also subscribe the the podcast on itunes.


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Anonymous said...

In some way this is nothing terribly new. After all, coffeeshops in bookstores have long been a source of extra profit for them and candy, gift cards and stationary has often been the life saver.

It's also clear that especially for major chains, digital devices are driving sales in store. Both B&N in the US and Indigo in Canada had good years in terms of sales because of their devices.

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