Tshirt Design Tutorial

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A collection of Tshirt Tutorials and Tips:

Topics covered:
  • How to Create Photorealistic Shirt Mockups
  • T-Shirt Design in Photoshop
  • Create a Balanced T-Shirt Graphic
  • Create a Custom T-Shirt Stencil Design
  • DIY Vintage T-shirts
  • 3D Effect for T-shirt Designs
  • Super-Slick, Screen Printing Separations with Illustrator
  • Create a Complete Apparel Tech Pack
  • Separating Colors for Screen Printing
  • Designing Ultra SceneXCore Apparel
  • Screen Printing Tricks
  • How to Create a Cute Vector Bear T-shirt Design
Screen Printing Tricks

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Brad Fallon said...

These tips are very helpful! Thanks for sharing this link to us. Cool yellow tshirt!

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