Use your Kindle to Learn About the Card Business

Every night in bed, I read all my favorite blogs on my's such a completely DIFFERENT experience than reading them online.

I actually "read" blogs on my kindle, versus just rushing through headlines in front of a computer. That's what I do when I'm on the web.

At first I thought "Why would anyone pay 99 cents a month to read a blog when it's free?"

Well, I realized that for just 3 cents a day, I can relax and read an entire article, without blinking ads coming at me and other things fighting to distract me. My neck is also less sore from sitting in front of the computer and I even found out that some blogs write 10-15 articles a day, but I've never see them because I only visit the blog once a week or randomly. How great it is to have all these articles flow into my kindle.

Blogs have passionate writers and because they are tied into specialized communities, their info is hot off the press. Also, topics I'm interested in are discussed, such as how artists use social media to sell their art. Rarely do I find newspapers or magazines that write about this specific subject.

I can clip articles for later reads (versus putting them into the twilight zone bookmark world), and if I feel the urge to click through a link in the article, I can do this on a kindle, but the great thing about kindle is it narrows down the noise coming at me when I'm surfing the web...where rarely I read a complete article.

See what you think and let me know. You can also subscribe to this Blog on a Kindle.

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Editor Picks: Christmas Cards with a New Look

Thanks to our enthusiastic readers who submitted their art! Here is our Gallery of indie Christmas cards for 2010!

From the submissions below, I selected 14 cards based on interesting design challenges, emotional response, and marketability. Out of those, Kathy Krassner chose the "top pick" Christmas card based on a "new look." -Kate


Kathy Krassner, owner of Krassner Communications, chose the most interesting "new look" Christmas card. She has been writing about the card and stationery business for more than 20 years and currently serves as Editor-at-Large of Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine.

Rebecca Green

Kathy Krassner Comments

"Since I've covered the greeting card market as a magazine editor for more than two decades -- and personally send and receive more than 100 holiday cards each year -- finding a "new look" that I haven't already seen on a Christmas card is a real challenge!
That's why Rebecca Green's design caught my eye. I appreciate the juxtaposition of the various patterns and shapes, the pairing of unexpected colors such as peach and pink with the traditional red and green, plus the handwritten-type font that delivers a well-expressed message of hope and peace. This card is a winner not only for its "new look" but for its smile factor and salability."

Other EDITOR PICKS for 2010

Comment: A playful and humorous card with bright colors. People always like cat themes.

Comment: Card with rich colors, calming image, great contrasts.

Comment: Unusual modern interpretation of traditional card.

Comment: Simple, playful, surprising format.

Comment: Humor and witty design layout.

Comment: Charming, unpredictable animal choices. Warm message of hope.

Comment: Off the wall edgy, funny, good for dog lovers.

Comment: Surprise image of climate mixes, colors and funny symbolism.

Comment: Rich use of watercolor skills to express a winter feeling. Great color contrast, although could use a tweak on getting the text to stand out more.

Comment:Off the wall humor. Good for women's market.

Comment: Modern style with interesting colors. Picasso-like.

Comment: A play on the eyes with negative/positive space contrasts. Interesting balance, color usage and textures.

Comment: Simple, clean design with interesting texture.

Generous Contributors of Holiday Card Designs

Here is an assortment of festive Holiday Cards by our readers!
See something you like? Contact the artist on the card.

All Rights Reserved © Copyright Notice:
All card designs on this page are the property of the artist.
Digital distribution or print reproductions of these images is prohibited .
To obtain permission please contact artist.


Kate's Greeting Card Designer Booklets

You can support this blog by ordering e-Booklets that are a compilation of different articles on this blog starting at only .99 cents! They can be read on your kindle, ipad, ipod, cellphone, or your computer. Free samples and lending options available.


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Booklet on Unusual Ways To Market Greeting Cards, and 22 places to get your designs featured. A 20 page booklet on how to get your cards noticed in non-traditional ways. Everything from why you should send cards to your dentist, to how to get special features in national publications. Great tips for designers who are starting out and want to get their cards into the hands of people beyond friends and family. Special Section: Submissions guidelines and contacts for 22 Gift Industry publications and professional gift industry blogs that seek out new greeting card designs to feature for free. (5,000 Words and 17 greeting card images included)


Booklet on 7 Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make A list of 7 things to avoid when submitting greeting card verse to publishers.

Includes a list of card publishers and their guidelines, links to writer interviews, articles, card samples and other current resources. 20-page booklet and 2,300 words and 8 Pages of Card Samples.


Booklet on 20 Steps to Art Licensing that is a list of suggested steps to to take for getting into art licensing. How to license your art to companies that publish greeting cards, and manufacture coffee mugs, magnets, wall hangings, kitchen items, and dozens of other gift items. This booklet covers 20 basic steps from how to prepare your art, to what companies to contact. It includes topics on: How to find agents, classes and what trade shows to attend. There are extensive resources on social media, licensing community groups, and lists of interviews with professional designers (5,200 words).