40 Blogs for Designers

Here's an interesting article and excerpt by Websitedesigner blog. A lot of it is oriented towards web designers, but I have chosen a few I found interesting. To read entire article, go to their blog site.

Design Instruct




Paper Leaf Design




10 Free ebooks for Freelancers

Here's an interesting article and excerpt by Freelance Folder blog. To read entire article, go to their blog site.

Using the Social Web to Find Work by Chris Brogan. Finding work is something every freelancer is interested in. Although this short guide (19 pages) is several years old, it still does an excellent job of covering the basics of finding work through social media.

Personal Branding by Chris Brogan. Another short guide (15 pages) from Chris Brogan that freelancers may find useful. This one covers the basics of personal branding, which is something that every freelancer needs to understand.

What Matters Now by Seth Godin. This free 82-page eBook from Seth Godin is a collection of thoughts and quotes from well-known bloggers and thinkers on important topics. Each topic is about a page long. Use this book for inspiration.

Guide to Guerilla Freelancing. In this compact eBook (22 pages), Mike Smith packs in information on how to start your freelancing business for a minimum amount of money, red flags to look out for, benefits and drawbacks to freelancing, and more.

2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. This great resource from Michael Stelzner summarizes results from 1900 survey respondents. Learn how to use social media effectively. Although this short report (33 pages) is based on survey information, if you depend on social media in any way this is worth reading.

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