Book on How To Get Your Cards into Stores


Finally, a book about selling your cards!

If you want to learn how to get your greeting cards into retail stores, you will want to read this book called "Pushing the Envelope."

Meryl Hooker, one of the authors, was one of my top selling reps for several years and she has also written an article on social media and the stationery industry for this blog.

This book is geared towards newcomers in the stationery industry for the small manufacturer and it covers many topics, including:

-How do I find sales reps?
-What do I pay reps?
-How do I know which sales reps are right for me?
-Recommendations for keeping your line fresh.
-Dealing with territories and orders,
-Places to find reps,
-What reps expect from a manufacturer, and
-How to keep the rep and manufacturer relationship healthy and profitable long term.


Meryl Hooker is a nationally recognized, award-­‐winning sales rep, writer, speaker and all-­around sales rockstar. She has served the Mid-Atlantic as a greeting card and gift manufacturer’s representative for nearly a dozen years where she specializes in working with independently owned greeting card and gift stores. Meryl is a highly sought rep in large part because of the uncompromising standards of excellence to customer service, account development and manufacturer relationships she brings to the table.

As the writer of, “Road Rage: The Blog”, Meryl chronicles life as a road rep and sales lessons learned while driving miles of highway. She is a contributing columnist to numerous industry publications and blogs and is the co-author of the newly released book, "Pushing The Envelope: The Small Greeting Card Manufacturer’s Guide to Working with Sales Reps". She can be reached via

Rob Fortier is the owner and creative director of Paper Words, which manufacturers greeting cards and personalized stationery. His card designs have earned him write-ups in industry magazines such as Greetings etc, Gifts & Decorative Accessories, Art Buyer, Giftware News and Stationery Trends, and have been featured on the HGTV cable network.

For additional information on Pushing the Envelope, you can contact authors Rob Fortier or Meryl Hooker at or visit

You can also order it on

5 ways to get your products noticed

Another great article by Artsyshark:

Tell me what your company does . . . in one sentence.

When I consult with companies that want help boosting their sales, this is always my first question. I recently met with a few first-time exhibitors at this year’s National Stationery Show. Besides the main goal of making sales, they all wanted to hire sales reps too. I started with the kick-off question, and here are some of the responses I received:

“I make letterpress cards that are fun and edgy, but sometimes whimsical, and make people feel good. And I use glitter sometimes, too.”

“I have something for everybody- recipe cards, children’s birthday, and some handmade collage pieces.”read entire article...

(card: Kate Harper Designs)

Too much spam in your art licensing mailbox?

After receiving a flurry of spam through my art licensing mailbox recently, I decided to do some research on how to fight back. Here's a great article on some general tips and also one for apple mail where you can actually have your spam bounce back to the sender.


The "Bounce" Feature

Apple Mail comes with a smart feature to actively fight spam: the Bounce feature.

Apple Mail can emulate the behavior of a bounced back email: to bounce back an email to its sender, control-click/right-click on the junk email, and choose "Bounce". The sender's mail server will receive -and relay- an undeliverable failure notice.

article continued...