8 Tips to avoid freelance burn out

Ran across this article on Inspire Monkey blog on freelance burnout. Excerpt:

1. Set Your Reasonable Working Hours The most common factor that contributes to a freelancer burnout is overwork. Most freelancers struggle with setting appropriate working hours and sticking to them. It’s always unexpected circumstances that force the freelancer to expand their working hours. There are times when upcoming deadlines or last min changes that may force the freelancer to work for longer hours, but that should not be a daily routine. The best way to tackle this issue is to set a schedule that involves only working a number of hours a day. Plan your timetable well ahead and stick to it. You may want to consider turning off your cellphone or email after working hours. You won’t worry about what you are unaware of. Let your clients know that you do not entertain frequent last minute changes and any late night calls. If you have some fantastic stroke of inspiration or idea during your free time, just make sure you have pen and paper handy and jot the idea down – it will wait until you are back at work!

2. Segregate Your Working Space from Your Living Space
One of the problems that freelancers have is that the workspace and living space are often the same. This is especially the case when they usually work from home. You should have a separate room or space in your home that is used solely for work. Ideally, you should rent an office but if you can’t afford it yet, you should avoid having other distractions like the bed, TV or any gaming consoles in your workspace and vice versa. You should be able to walk away from your workspace in your free time and be able to relax and not think about work.
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