New Film about Product Design

From the same director who did "Helvetica", Objectified is a good watch for anyone who does product design. Here are 3 clips from the film. I'm curious about your response to them.

Poor Design Practices: Chairs, Cameras, GPS's
(3 minutes)

Apple Computer Design
(5 minutes)

Target Store Design
(2 minutes)

30 online color tools for designers

Here's another great list of online color tools on the Designerfix blog.

Latte Art

As Monty Python would say: "And now for something completely different...."

I couldn't pass up this posting from the Web Designer Depot Blog. Imagine what interesting greeting cards they might make...and what would they say inside say?

Here are a few samples. Pretty impressive. To See all 50, go to their webpage.

Greeting Card Biz Insider Secrets

Check out Artsyshark's article on Greeting Card Business Insider Secrets.


Keep in mind that a retailer needs a reason to replace an established card line in their store. They want to make sure every square inch of their establishment makes money and they’re not going to stop selling a profitable line unless they’re absolutely sure the new line (meaning yours) will outsell it. Of course, there’s always the chance they have a line they’re eager to replace but you can’t count on that. Even if you’re planning on licensing the cards – in lieu of manufacturing and distributing them – the company that considers your designs will still be thinking, “Will retailers be willing to get rid of an existing line and take a chance on this one?” continued.. Greeting Card Business Insider Secrets.

Photographing Products on a Shoestring Budget

Here's some great resources on etsy on how to photograph your products or licensing samples.


Instructables Article: Make a light box

Digital Photography School: How to Photograph Products
Photographing Products for Online Sales
How to Make Homemade Lightbox

Looking for a greeting card job?

I just added a new feature to this blog: on the left sidebar, about 10 inches down, there is a live news feed called "Job Openings" for all types of jobs in the greeting card industry.
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